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Welcome to the Multicultural Summit website! I hope this site will be a resource for those who wish to learn more about cross-cultural communication efforts and diversity initiatives in the workplace and community.
I started this summit because I see a strong need for cross-cultural dialogue and diversity programs in businesses and communities across the country. America is increasingly comprised of various different cultures and walks of life. It is important to communicate effectively with different individuals so that everyone has a voice in today’s global society.

Diversity initiatives and best practices are extremely important in the workplace and community. As our country struggles to regain the vibrant economy we once had, corporations, organizations, and schools are realizing that they need a wide range of ideas and perspectives in order to remain competitive in their organizational sphere. These ideas flow best from a diverse workforce, where people from various backgrounds can share their distinct points of view.

The Multicultural Summit is committed to promoting these diversity initiatives and cross-cultural communication efforts through dynamic speakers and panel sessions, which will help to educate leaders in the workforce and community.

I hope you will join us in facilitating the development of a truly open society, where the exchange of ideas is unrestricted and everyone has the opportunity to succeed.

Dennis Kennedy

Founder & CEO,
National Diversity Council

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